• How Flash Storage Will Upgrade the Data Center in 2015

    Whether you are a enthusiast or an average PC user, it's tough to go back to a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) once you...

    Pedro Hernandez,InfoStor
  • Why 2015 Will Be Year of Big Data: Oracle™'s Seven Predictions

    Data is a new form of capital. Ultimately, information about people, places and things will truly differentiate enterprises.

    Chris Preimesberger,eWeek
  • The superglue for security systems

    If you think about it, without standards to govern the products and services we manufacturer and buy, whole industries would collapse. ...

    Steve Surfaro,Security InfoWatch
  • Avigilon™ buys ObjectVideo's patent portfolio, licensing program for $80M

    ObjectVideo's video analytics patents are licensed and deployed by IP video manufacturers around the world. Under the acquisition...

    SIW Editorial Staff,Security InfoWatch
  • Clearing Up Misconceptions of Cloud Based Security Installations

    During the past few years, cloud-based applications have become the norm. Knowingly or unknowingly, a lot of the...

    SSI Editorial Staff,Security Sales & Integration
  • Transportation Fleets Leverage Video, Big Data to Mitigate Risk

    PITTSBURGH — The combination of video and Big Data, or video intelligence, has already transformed several industries. ....

    SSI Editorial Staff,Security Sales & Integration
  • HIS' Cropley Says Video Surveillance Market to See >10% Growth in 2015

    The January edition of SSI includes our annual industry forecast as a cornerstone of our special 2015 Industry Forecast Issue...

    Scott Goldfine,Security Sales & Integration
  • A small targeting platform use workflow, big-data to accelerate airstrikes

    The U.S. Air Force is developing an automated targeting workflow that would help planners accelerate,...

    Defense Update Editorial Staff,Defense Update
  • The Future of Learning: Ericsson Networked Society Short Film Takes A Fascinating Look At Education And Technology

    From school e-readers and flipped classroom models to computerized,...

    Huffington Post Editorial Staff,Huffington Post
  • Why campus IT systems are moving to human-centered design

    When students have negative interactions with a school's online systems, it hurts the brand and...

    Andrew Barmour,eCampus News
  • Manufacturing Reboots Talent Engine In A New Age Of Digital Disruption

    Whether a company makes clothing, household cleaning products, cars, healthcare or...

    Matt Reilly, Posted to TechCrunch
  • 5 Tips For Government IT Modernization

    Over the decades, agencies' application environments have evolved into daunting sets of...

    Chris Steel, InformationWeek
  • Why More Financial institutions Should Be Banking on the Cloud

    Banks are making the shift over to cloud where they can as the technologies behind...

    Ian Masters, posted on InformationWeek
  • Expect More, Bigger Healthcare Breaches

    The potential cost of breaches for the healthcare industry could be as much as $5.6 billion...

    Bernie Monegain, Editor-at-Large – HealthcareITNews
  • 4 Healthcare Trends for 2015

    Innovations in healthcare reform: Entrepreneurs more and more are entering this space...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Transparent Sea: The Unstealthy Future Of Submarines

    Submarines have been America's invisible advantage since World War II. But the oceans...

    Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., BreakingDefensef
  • Why Do I Need Better Business Intelligence?

    We live in an increasingly data-driven world. In industry after industry, organizations are mining...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Todays Top Trends in Business Analytics

    Increasing Data Governance: With companies creating, accessing, processing, sharing...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • We bring SAP™ talent. You bring you.

    In Dec 2014, Gartner™ recognized SAP™ as a 'market leader in Operational Database...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Top 4 Trends in Business Mobile Apps

    Backend as a Service (BaaS).BaaS leverages cloud-based back-end services for features like push notification

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Top 4 Manufacturing Trends in 2015

    Social Media Disrupting Business Models: The focus on the customer is more important each year...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Networked Attached Storage Expands Data Storage and Security on Military Platforms

    Network Attached Storage allows system designers to take advantage of increased security,....

    Lee Brown, Curtis-Wright Controls Defense Solutions
  • The Critical 48 Hours After a Cyber Attack

    A range of social, political, cultural and economic factors drives cyber attacks. How well banking and financial....

    Banking Tech
  • The NSA Utah Data Center: Notable Numbers

    The Utah Data Center is powered by the Cray XC30 supercomputer, which is capable of workloads of more....

  • The DNF Evaluation Methodology

    As businesses grow, the scalability, flexibility and performance of the IT Infrastructure is constantly under stress

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • 12 Advantages Of Implementing Flash Storage in Your IT system

    Capacity efficiency vs DRAM, 5x better value per GB, 40x better power per GB, IOPS efficiency vs HDDs, 40x better value per IOPS

    Whitepaper "The Benefits of Flash in Enterprise Storage" by Alex McDonald
  • Why you need Data Center Infrastructure Management

    With each passing year, IT Infrastructure in enterprises is getting more and more complex. Depending on the size...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Choose DNF for your Data Center

    Access top-quality expertise in flexible and cost-effective ways...

    By partnering with DNF
  • Which is better? Colocation or Cloud?

    The growth in IT Infrastructure has led to the evolution of deployment models. Four broad models...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Top 4 IT Optimization Tips for 2015

    1. Reduction in the number of end-user applications

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Where is your e-waste going?

    Electronics are everywhere. In addition to the ubiquitous mobile phone; TVs, home appliances and innumerable...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Where is your e-waste going?

    Electronics are everywhere. In addition to the ubiquitous mobile phone; TVs, home appliances and innumerable...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Backing up data in enterprise IT systems is as old as enterprise IT itself. Banks, for example, have been...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Fraud Detection Techniques for Data Security

    Industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance typically capture hundreds of fields...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • 4 Basic Security Measures for IT Admins

    1. Browsers must be constantly updated: Vulnerabilities in the browser and add-on functions increases....

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • The Impact of a Breach

    The 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report published by communications giant Verizon shows that data...

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Why Virtualized Storage

    It's the age of virtualization. From software to memory, from storage to data, to networks, every component....

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Top 5 trends in Virtualization

    1.Server consolidation will continue to be popular as it reduces the number of computers provisioned....

    DNF Editorial Staff
  • Alteryx™: Changing the Analytics Equation

    In the last few decades, Analytics has emerged as the largest differentiating activity...

    DNF Editorial Staff